Friday, November 29, 2013

Today….and this week….

First, tonight is a sad night…why you ask? I am missing Cindy. I found some pictures on my tablet and Cindy was in quite a few of them I didn’t remember having/taking them. It’s been almost 4 months and I miss her calls, I miss her yelling at me cuz I forgot this or didn’t do that but than calling and asking for help and the hugs and touches. It’s not a good night but it was a fantastic day so I’m going to share my day/week with you to ease the pain tonight.

These two pictures I got from the internet under World Famous Fish House Parade. The others I took.

100_1314  100_1311

 100_1310 100_1307

Our little town has an annual huge event called ''World Famous Fish House Parade''. It’s been featured in many up north magazines and papers and even on the news. There’s even been years we’ve had famous people narrate the parade. For the many years we’ve had it I have never attended it. I have had daycare for the past 13 years and have always had little ones that couldn’t be out in the cold for that long, but this year I had just Rachel and Abby, and Abby was a dancer in the parade. It was for her Just for Kix’s kids. Abby is the little girl (she’s not little, she’s 11 but still my little girl) in the front of the dancers in a pick jacket and she’s the girl in the picture with the pink hat. The other float I really took pictures of is my boy scout troop. Fish Dynasty. It was an awesome parade. I am glad I went and we didn’t freeze, it was about 20* and mostly sunny but a bit windy but still not terrible. All in all is was great.

And Rachel called me last week and wanted to do melted crayon art. So we brought out all the goodies and they melted crayons. It was a great project for them. I didn’t take real pictures of them working but I used my phone to share with a friend in New York, so here I’m sharing with you too.

girls crayons

And Wednesday I took my parents to the Northern Lights Casino. I’m not one for putting any money in but it was fun watching my mama and daddy do it. We came with $150.00 and left with $117.00 and we ate at the buffet so really all in all it went just great.


And for the past month Jim and I have been remolding Mike’s old bedroom. Since he’s now living just 10 minutes from home we didn’t need to keep his bedroom as a bedroom. We have a sleeper sofa for any time Mike wants to or needs to stay but he doesn’t need a room any more. So we are building me a play room. Crafts, sewing, one day an elliptical, a TV and a relaxing chair. Just a place for me to go when I want to just be. Since it’s just Jim and I ate home now with very little daycare and a grown up son I don’t need to escape but I do need my own place to do my fun stuff. Want to see some progress?





We have taken the closet out, resided with tongue and groove like the rest of the house. Stained/varnished it all a honey pine and am retiling the ceiling. This weekend we are getting the light fixtures and the flooring. In the last picture you can see my hallway with the same wall covering. Than will come counters, shelves and …. well I’m not sure, stuff to make my room functional and wonderful.

So there you have it. A bit of this and that and reasons to move ahead.

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I spent part of the day with my in-law and part of it with my family and part of it napping in my recliner.

Onward and upwards to the most wonderful time of year, Christmas.

Blessings my friends!


Michele said...

What a great parade. I never heard of a fish house parade. How fun for you that Abby was in it.

That will be a great room! The wood looks beautiful! I love pine!

I am so sorry about Cindy. That is a huge loss, Julie. You will miss her forever. It is all very fresh.

Happy thanksgiving!

Empty Nester said...

I've tried that crayon art. Mine did not turn out that great. :) Sorry you're missing your sister. I know how you feel though. I still miss my grandparents terribly and they've been gone 35 and 11 years. We go on, but it's hard some days.

Betty W said...

What a great time for a "play" room. Since your winter can be so long, I mean. Hope you enjoy it and feel like it's your safe haven.
We are right in the middle of my kitchen redo, so things are pretty messy at our house at the moment.

Baby Sister said...

Home renovations are always exciting. :) How fun for you to have your own space!!

Debsdailylife said...

Im sorry youre missing your sister! Grieving takes time!!!
I love the room!! Its coming together wonderfully!! The wood is so light!! And I love the knotty look!! Great escape place for you!!!
Love the parade!! And the crayon melt! I can just imagine if I tried it!! Id have it sprayed everywhere!!!

Flying high in the sky.... said...

first I was sad....then as I scrolled down I was smiling...Cindy is an angel who is with you...the room looks really warm and nice....

Angela Pea said...

Ah Sweetie -

I've been caught up in my own world the past few weeks, and haven't checked in with you. I'm so sorry you're missing Cindy. Grieving takes time, doesn't it?

The PlayRoom looks Amazing! Wow - your own workspace. That sounds just wonderful, and you will enjoy it so much.

Big hugs, my friend. We're bunkering down - big ice storm coming down on us for real this time. Schools closing and all sorts of stuff.