Tuesday, July 9, 2013

It’s Sally’s b-day shortly….

And while Kim and I were out a couple Saturdays ago flea marketing I found a really cool elephant bracelet that was missing an elephant. Not a big deal, a dollar later I owned it and made it into this for Sally and I made her another necklace too out of tin, scrapbook paper, decoupage, a metal stamp and rivets.


0628131448a  I had to share that I’ve done some crafting. I am in the process of making another metal heart necklace. I want to make a few for our upcoming craft show in August. I also have a bunch of goodies I got at the flea market I shared with you a bit ago that I’m going to make into a few more rustic different pieces of jewelry. Just something different to see what people are into now and that I can afford to make and the market we sell to can afford to buy.

Anyways, just sharing. Take care my friends.



Jill said...

Those are adorable!! :-) Hayley makes jewelry as well and I love seeing all the new creations :-)
Hope you are having a great week!


E. Jane said...

They are wonderful! You are very creative! Show us more...

Sunshine's Heart said...

Those are cute, Julie. I'm glad to see you have found something you enjoy doing.

Baby Sister said...

How cute!! It's good that you're still doing some crafting, help you relax a little. :)

Debsdailylife said...

Love it!!! Its wonderful to receive a special homemade gift from a friend!!