Saturday, May 30, 2015

About time you think?

Being the only caregiver to my parents has been time consuming and full of adjustments. It’s all manageable and doable however it leaves little time for much else other than our life too. School is over now, at least mine is but that means I’m driving for two other districts until next Wednesday and than I’m done till summer school. I have worked the past two weekends at my summer job, the mini golf, and am seeing that it’s going to be an awesome year there. I told Jim I don’t think I can handle a huge garden this year but this weekend will plant one anyways and just see what I can do and Mike is doing wonderfully which makes this mama one happy mama. 

So my poor blog gets put off all the time and I miss hearing from your guys so I’m taking a bit of time this morning to just share some pictures with you. 

Jim’s been working on the camper. It’s just to top heavy so he’s putting on a different axle that’s longer so hoping that the wider stance makes for more stability.

While Jim is working on that I’m getting the other outside chores did and done. Like taking off and sharpening the blades on the lawn mower. Goosey is always with me, he loves me you know. So he was there to tell me how to do it.

Before Goosey goes to bed at night he makes sure all the other chickens and Chuck is in. Than he gets a bath with the hose and goes to bed. He doesn’t like our pond and the little swimming pool we had finally died so the hose makes him happy.

My most favorite flower in the world. I have 3 large bushes of them and usually can’t bring them in the house because they bother Jim but for some reason this year this didn’t so for the full season of the lilacs I got to have a bouquet on my table.

I had an old music chair that was getting more unstable as the years went by so this was my spring time project. I love the way it turned out. See the little black stool in the background on the first picture? I got that at a garage sale but didn’t like that is was all white so I repainted that too and now it fits perfectly in the kitchen under the table instead of the music chair.

This frog use to be a bath tub toy holder for daycare but since we know daycare is over there are a few toys or items I kept. I turned it into a strawberry hanging planter. Today I was out there and it looking mighty fine. Cool to repurpose things.

I am always trying to find time to just do a small craft project here and there. I have a friend that loves to shoot, like me, so I made her this 9mm necklace. It’s hard to tell but it’s brushed nickle. She loved it.

The babies are growing. Wilbur checks on the every day to make sure they are okay. I am thinking next week it will be time to make them their new home in the chicken coop. Soon they’ll be out and about like the big ones but since mostly banti’s hoping that they will fly when the wildlife comes around instead of becoming lunch.

One morning on my way to work I got to see the full moon and the sun rising at the same time. It really was pretty so had to try and take a picture of it.

And last but not least. This is Mike with his friends Remington and Winchester (yep, gun nuts too and not just by name). They came to visit me at mini golf. They have been friends since tiger cubs, over 16 years ago. Today they are out fishing on Rabbit lake. Last week they went too and brought home enough fish for a tiny fish fry. Hoping for more this weekend.

So for now that’s that. There’s more but a person only has so much time to spend on another’s blog so I’ll leave you for now. I am hoping to be back more often but we’ll just see what life brings. I hope you all are having an awesome weekend. I am on my way over to my parents shortly and than going to lunch with Jim. I have a truck load of wood to unload and a to garden till and plant. Tomorrow I work the golf but not till 2 so have time to go shopping for next weeks groceries. Life goes on and I am blessed more than I really deserve. 

Have a blessed day!