Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Snow, snow and let’s run…happy Leap day!


Today was our snowstorm but because I said I would do a 2.9 mile I did. It was interesting and hard and rewarding all rolled up together.

Here’s pictures of my run and the snow and the kids and I outside playing. Enjoy my friends, we did.

100_8807 100_8815

Rachel and Abby, my very favorite young ladies.   Scout “helping” me side down the hill.

100_8818 100_8819

Our yard in this beautiful snowy wonderland.

100_8820 100_8824

See the snow coming down?                                Scout smiling at me.

100_8835 100_8838

Abby do and me.                                               Love the snow on Scout’s nose.

100_8846 100_8803

Abby the princess.                                          Aiden my ball of energy.

100_8851 100_8855

My Wilbur. He’s showing Abby the hole in the tree.


And me after my run/walk/trot….2.9 miles in 38 minutes. Not the greatest time but with 8” of snow on the ground and some ice under that not a terrible time either.


So another run in for the week, one more to go to take up Nanette’s dare. Maybe I’ll do my 10k this weekend….we’ll see.

Take care my friends and have a blessed evening.

P.S. No news on mama. She has an appointment on Monday to see the doctor and we’ll go from there. Thank you all for your words of support and prayers.





Caron said...

I love your pictures and especially the ones of Wilbur. He just looks so sweet! You are inspiring to go on and exercise in the snow.

Christine said...

Good for you sticking with your plan, even with all of that snow! I would back out if I saw and angry cloud in the sky.

Debsdailylife said...

Prayers for you and your mom and the doctors!!

You are an amazing woman!! 8 inches of snow and you ran!! WOWO!!!!

Sunshine's Heart said...

The snow looks so pretty, Julie. We had thundershowers instead. Doesn't look good for anymore snow this year. I would love to see some but honestly, I would only want it to be for one day. I need some sunshine. :) I will keep praying for your mother and for you.

Angela Pea said...

Snow! Snow! Snow!! Oh what fun to run in the snow. It's a balmy 80 degrees here today, not a snowflake in sight.

I hope your Mama is doing better; I'm holding her up in prayer!

Nanette N. said...

The hole in the tree photo is ADORABLE.

I'm glad you plugged along despite the weather! It's only Thursday... I'm ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that you can get another round in. :)