Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What’s up?

Tons that is.

1st, we bought a camper. Nope….nothing fancy, nothing that cost more than a few hundred bucks and yes something that will take time to make it ours however the bones of the trailer are awesome and will give us lots to work with. It’s an early 1960’s Frolic (nope, I’d never heard of it before either) but the maple wood work in there is awesome and the windows work and shut tight and it’s solid. That’s about all the good about it but in the end it will be the perfect 14’ camper trailer that we can pull with the Jimmy. Now we can afford to go camping and be able to go from a Saturday afternoon to a Sunday without lots of planning. Here are a couple shots of before….I’ll share during and after as it happens.


0602131806b 0602131805b

Mike bought himself a new car. Now we are Chevy people through and through and he has yet to tell his dad what he’s bought but he is happy, it runs well and it’s a 5 speed. What is better than a manual…….nothing. By the way, it’s a Ford Fusion, 2007 model. His suburban is a wonderful truck but the fuel mileage to come and go from home is eating up his paycheck so this will help in the long run.

0601131453aDaycare has started and it really is “my thing”. I love my kids so much and the three that I have I have had since 2-3 months old and they are now 9, 11 and 13. It is just plain amazing how fast they have all grown up. We went fishing yesterday and they had a blast and caught lunch.

0603131425a 0603131332a

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And I have been getting up an hour before daycare and getting my walking/jogging in. Yesterday was the first morning the sun was out, however it was only 37* but still beautiful.

0603130640a 0603130637a

And my walking partners. We have now officially walked 828 miles. I am past my 1/2 point with just the 1/2 way part of the year. All is working out.0603130639a

Last week was my last week of school driving. I put in 1000 miles between my activity, a special needs route, taking my parents to the cities and moving Mike. It was a long but good week. Here are some pictures of what we did in the cities.

100_1121 100_1123

100_1040 100_1047

 100_1049 100_1050

100_1080 100_1110

100_1097 100_1098 

100_1117 100_1119

I took my parents and my mama sister and husband to the Como Conservatory. I tried to do this every year and we were rewarded with such a great time and fellowship and the flowers, oh my the flowers.

 livingroom and kitche Mike's bedroom Mike's helpers

My mama, daddy and I got Mike moved into his first real apartment. It took us a couple of hours of Mike and I unloading and my mama cleaning a couch and daddy putting the kitchen stuff away but Mike is now set up. It’s a huge apartment for the amount of stuff he has but he’ll be there for a long time so I am sure he’ll find stuff to add to it.

And the best thing, I have been looking for 5k’s around my area. I found the most awesome site, upnorthrunning. Since I do them alone I don’t want to drive 50 miles to be in unfamiliar territory and I have found a few and signed up for 3 so far. But the best thing, I told Mike about them and he is going to join me for his first race. It’s here in our town and we signed up for the run though we will be walking part of it (but Mike walks so fast I have to run to keep up and since you can’t run a walk we signed up for the run). I was so happy that he said he’d join me. I am so excited.


Next week I will be gone. Leaving Monday and returning Saturday late. Guess where I’m going?

Can you find Entry Point #14? That’s where I will be with 3 Venture Crew scouts and my partner. I am excited to be going and a little bit sad too because this is my first ever trip without Mike. It will still be amazing and restful (once there) and beautiful and I am hoping for some sunshine and warmth. Trying to figure out what to pack this year is a bit of a challenge. With it being such a cold wet summer so far I know that evenings will be chilly but when the sun does shine it’s warm and beautiful so my pack might just be a bit heavier than usual since I’m not going to be either too hot or too cold up there. I’ll share pictures when I get back.

So it’s onward and upwards to a great and blessed and awesome and busy summer. I hope yours it too.



Marc said...

Hi Julie,
This post was so fun to read. A lot of activity and lots of memories. You also had two of my favorite activities. Dining at Perkins Restaurant and taking kids fishing. Thanks for sharing and have fun with the camper:)

Angela Pea said...

First - Squeeeeeee!!! LOVE the wood inside the trailer! It's going to be amazing when ya'll are done working your magic. Please, please please do share pictures of the transformation.

Second - I'm so glad you have your 'kids' for the summer. And yeah for making them catch their own lunch! :)

Third - wow. Mike has his own apartment. That's a really big deal. And you're right; he'll have it filled up in no time. My girls both share an apartment with friends. They both had no problem filling up their places, but then again they are both sharing with several other girls, and girls have a lot of stuff. A Lot.

37? Thirty Seven degrees? Ya'll need some summer, fast. I hope it warms up a bit for your Canadian Adventure! You need to share pictures of that, too.

Big Hugs Right Back at You!

Debsdailylife said...

A FORD!!!?!?!? Whats up with that!!! My husband would probably cough up yesterdays lunch if his son bought anything other than a Chevy!! (Ok maybe not that bad...but were Chevy people)
I LOVE Perkins!!!
Cant wait to see what you do with that Camper!! LOVE the inside!! They sure dont make things like they used to!!!
Have a wonderful week in the wilderness!! Cant wait to hear and see all about it!!!

Baby Sister said...

Yay for a trailer. :) Hubby has a Ford, it's a nice car. I think that's what I'll get when I get a car.

I'm glad you get your kids back. That will be nice. :)

Mike's apartment looks nice!! At least he has lots of room, not the opposite. :)

Kim said...

Have a great time and don't freeze to death!!