Saturday, August 11, 2012

5K..and..updates..and ….

Since it seems I haven’t got time to do multiple post lately I’ll just make a bigger longer one here and you can read what you want and skip what you want.

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And more…..

So for the 1st update…the SSDC. Our goals was to set a new goal for ourselves. So since this summer is mostly just for moving my butt I have decide since I met my goal of 650 miles I have decided to shoot for 1000 miles for the year. This means I’ll have to move my butt 18 miles or so a week to make this goal and you know very well winter is coming so I better make sure I get some extra miles in before it’s too cold. I have been looking at a treadmill though, I can’t afford a gym membership but thinking I could find a treadmill and make payments and then it’ll be mine. I’m looking, haven’t got any further than that but starting. So my goal, 1000 miles before January 1st, 2013.

Now week 11 is coming up and we are suppose too:

This week focuses on how each of us are doing and what we have learned about ourselves so far during this challenge. Hopefully we will all have new insight on what our bodies are capable of and how we have held ourselves accountable these past months. Also - as a fun side bar, let's show our weight loss in food. The idea is to take a picture of how much weight you've lost on the challenge so far - but in food pounds. So if you've lost 10 lbs, show us a picture of 2 (5lb) bags of sugar or a 10lb sack of potatoes. Get the picture?

Well I decided to take a sneak peek at the scale….I should of never gone without weighing myself for the summer. I just should of never done that but I really didn’t want to concentrate on that, I wanted to concentrate on just moving my butt. Well I’ve done awesome with the moving my butt but I haven’t lost any weight what-so-ever and have even packed on a few pounds. Now that is not acceptable, I worked way to hard to lose my weight to let it come back. I now officially weigh more then Jim again and I remember so well the day I was less than him so I am going to go back to Allan’s way of thinking and keep moving my butt but watching those calories and losing this extra weight. I’m not going to set a goal as of yet. I’m going to do that when daycare is done, school has started and I can just plan on me stuff but for now I’ll just focus on eating way less and moving way more. As for feeling, really other then a bit rounder then I want to be, I am able, fit, moving and doing things I couldn’t, wouldn’t of even a couple years ago or even last year. So I am feeling better, smarter in some sense, really stupid in others, but learning and willing to keep learning.

It’s shopping day tomorrow and my last full week of daycare. We are having a huge end of summer party and Friday I lose my full time family and will just have Anton 4 days a week and Rachel and Abby too just 4 days. Of course not the same day off so still 5 days a week but just one on Wednesdays and 2 on Friday. We will have an awesome party on Thursday. 12 kids, 3 adults and we’ll be tie dying, making crayons and crayon art. A wiener roast and marshmallows and I am thinking a surprise treasure hunt. It’s be awesome for my last daycare party. It’s been 13 years of doing the best job in the whole wide world and though I really don’t want this part of my life to end I know that it happens and will now see what the Lord has planned for me next.

Today Kim 100_0113and I did our Deerwood Fire Departments Relief Fund raiser 5K 100_0115. Kim has never done a 5k and people I have got to tell you I am so very proud and honored that Kim did this with me. It was totally fun and hard work. Kim’s legs are longer then mine, they have to be because she walks fast. Really, really fast. Which made this walk for me very challenging and it is exactly what I wanted. I was able to jog and walk this race and even Kim jogged 3 different times. On Wednesday we practiced and we walked it in 51 minutes, well today we beat the crap out of that time, 44:26. I am happy, very, very happy!!!  We did awesome and I can’t wait to do it again with Kim. 0811120845a100_0114

Now this week I am going to work on beating this time. I am going to get back to my morning walks. I need to condition my body for early mornings and the bus and what better way then to get up and get moving.

Last Thursday I took my daddy to Music in the Park. 100_0105The music this week wasn’t to my liking but I don’t go for just me, I go so daddy can enjoy and he had a blast. I love the half time show the best, this week they had kids doing the limbo.100_0104  This week is the Cuyuna Range Community Band. Now that will be awesome to listen too. This week is also Heritage days in Crosby which means I have a huge craft show on Saturday with my best friend Brenda and during this they’ll be having music and an Antique car show and a Motorcycle run and there’s another 5K and lots of other fun festivities. This week will be busy getting our jewelry ready, sewing a few more pouches and I did get 25 new scarves made and 2 totes.

 0803121843a 0803121921a

We are never bored here. This past week Jim and I had to replace the bottom board on our pole shed. So that meant shoveling and shoveling and shoveling some more and then pounding the new boards in and more shoveling to replace the dirt. The dogs got to play while we worked and Wilbur took a nap on our sod pile.


We have a creek by our place and since the water is back to normal we decided to go down there and play. We are always throwing rocks in it but this time I let them play in it. Rachel (the girl in white)0806121215a went out into the water and picked water flowers for her sister0806121216a. They lasted the day on the table and they spent the full afternoon talking about playing in the muck and water.

100_0099  100_0080

Another trip up to the old school house because Anton wasn’t here the day we went with the other kids. I am thinking one more visit up there with the metal detector. Just maybe we could find something special for them to take home or at least see.

So there’s that. A bit of everything that’s happening in my life. Mike comes home this week. I will be picking him up very late Friday night in Sauk Center and he’ll be home until Saturday the 25th. Some days are planned but some are just for him to relax and be home. Oh you guys, I can’t wait for my boy to be home. Mike and Scout

Take care my friends and have an awesome Sunday. I am hoping to sleep in a little bit, do some shopping, clean Mike’s room and sew a pouch or two and relax. We’ll see what really happens when the day arrives.



Caron said...

Just six more days! I know you are so happy. Take care and enjoy every minute with your son. :)

PlumPetals said...

You've had a lot going on!
Great work on the 5K :) It's always more fun when you've got a partner to share the experience (and post-race soreness) with :)
Good luck with shedding those pounds - just keep at it and the results will follow!
Good luck with week 11!

Michele said...

Hi Julie,
Just catching up after being gone. That party for your day care kids sounds terrific. They look like they are having so much fun with you, too!

Great news about your awesome time on the 5km. There should be plenty of decent weather left to help you get to your 1000 miles this year.

Don;t fret too much about the extra pounds. Our bodies need a lot of time to adjust to our new weights. I have gone many months over the past two years with very little loss and small gains. But, I stick with it and slowly it continues to come off.

ENjoy your week with Mike!

Rochelle said...

I love that you have so many awesome activities that you do with your daycare kids. They must have a blast being with you.
As for the 5K - Whoohoo - that is awesome that you beat your practice time. I am nervous about doing mine in November. I have no idea what time to shoot for. I guess I will just have to see how well I do I on my running.
I love that you upped your mileage goal for this year, too. Way to keep the exercise going. The scale will follow! Calories in, versus calories out. Simple science!

Baby Sister said...

Those pictures of your dogs are awesome. :) Yay for Mike coming home!! :D